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  Hi, friends!

  As you may have noticed, Sister Yarrow has had a bit of an update! I made the difficult decision in 2023 to no longer create and carry jewelry and sun catchers and to shift my offerings to other, less intensive retail goods. This was due to a mix of things-- extreme burnout, hand/body aches & pains, and an overall feelings of 'been there, done that'. I have been making jewelry and small home goods since 2016, and it was time for a change! I felt disconnected from my art, passion, and magic and knew that closing up shop for a little while to reassess was the best option for both myself and my business.

  I am still figuring it all out, learning new mediums, and trying to refocus my magic in new areas. This means that Sister Yarrow is ever-changing, and what is available now may not be available in the future. Currently, the site is full of hand-dyed and printed clothing, accessories, crystals, and some unique trinkets. I will also be going deeper into my own pagan practice, and sharing my journey along the way! If you're interested in following Sister Yarrow, please find us @sisteryarrow on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, and if you haven't already--subscribe to the newsletter! I send early-access codes, discounts, sale info, and check in from time-to-time on what I'm working on in the studio!

Thank you all so much for being here, and I can't wait to show you all the new sides of Sister Yarrow. 

-Madeleine, Owner/Artist

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