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Multi Smoky Quartz Points (Bag)

Multi Smoky Quartz Points (Bag)

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This listing is for (5) Multi Smoky Quartz Points (Bag). Points may range from 1"-2" in size and can range from dark brown, to tan, to clear in color. 

  • Meaning: Smoky Quartz, a variety of quartz with brownish-grey shades, symbolizes detox and balance, serving as a powerful grounding stone that connects individuals to the present moment.
  • Healing Properties: Renowned for its extensive healing properties, Smoky Quartz nurtures, neutralizes negative energies, alleviates anxiety, and promotes physical and emotional well-being.
  • Protection: Acting as a shield against negativity, Smoky Quartz absorbs electromagnetic smog, blocks geopathic stress, and ensures protection from harmful energies.
  • Usage: Smoky Quartz can be worn as jewelry, placed in homes or offices for Feng Shui energy, and used as a tool for channeling negative energy towards the ground.
  • Care: To maintain its potency, Smoky Quartz should be cleansed regularly using water and a bit of soap, avoiding prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, and can be charged alongside Clear Quartz or smudged with sage. Source:
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